The netlogicdc assortment of products features a wide-range of offerings that address the day-to-day needs of your organization, to wider infrastructure-related solutions.

Our Managed Services offerings are our IT support plans. Hosted Services feature solutions where your organization can outsource various parts of your infrastructure to our enterprise-grade datacenters. Consulting Services include our comprehensive upgrade and implementation services, and our Security & Data Production division features netlogicdc's wide array of security services and physical products.


Managed Service is what we do, and our IT support plans encompass a variety of services that allow us to work our magic on your IT infrastructure, regardless of physical location. Additionally, Managed Service plans address the occasional need to reactive IT service, by offering deep discounts on hourly onsite labor, and in some plans, providing for unlimited remote IT support at no additional charge.

Google Apps Reseller

We have partnered with Google to provide you with the uptime, reliability and features of Google Apps for Business. Explore the multitude of apps available on the Google Marketplace. Bring collaboration to a new level with Google Docs, Google Talk and Google Video. We provide full support and competitive pricing for our Google Apps for Business clients.

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For some businesses it makes sense to outsource parts of their IT infrastructure, whether in-house services are cost-prohibitive, or simply don't match the organization of the business. To address this need netlogicdc offers a variety of cloud products, backed by our reliable IT support and infrastructure that can be ordered by the client to fill this gap.


Starting a new office from scratch? Moving into a new one? netlogicdc's Consulting Services can take a network from nothing to a productive, efficient IT infrastructure, integrating advanced network planning and world-class hardware, yielding a top-notch finished product that your business can run on.


netlogicdc offers a comprehensive array of security solutions and products to ensure that your data is safe from malicious attacks, natural disasters, and the everyday pitfalls of interacting with the internet. With our products you can secure every aspect of your business, from email and data, to physical components.


We have vigorously tested the products of hundreds of vendors, and partnered with the best of them to deliver only the highest quality IT software and hardware to our clients at affordable prices. netlogicdc can supply, configure, and install anything from enterprise-grade servers, to personal laptops.