IT Hardware & Software

netlogicdc has partnered with the best network hardware and software providers in the IT industry to deliver affordable, reliable, and bleeding edge technology to our clients, that we are also able to fully support. For instance, netlogicdc has partnered with Lenovo for workstations (laptops/desktops), and entry-level servers which are renowned throughout their more than 20 year history as the most reliable sturdy machines in the IT business. We pride ourselves on fast delivery and configuration of all network hardware and software, and our ability to support numerous platforms and applications.

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Enterprise Servers

netlogicdc is a Lenovo and IBM Reseller, which we are confident produce the best servers in the industry, in terms of reliability, technology, and efficiency. We sell both Lenovo and IBM entry-level servers, on any budget, and also sell enterprise-grade IBM servers of all ranges. Reliability of IT infrastructure starts at the hardware level.

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Workstations & Laptops

We sell, install, and configure the full line of Lenovo laptops and workstations. The Thinkpad and Thinkcentre line are renowned for their durability as well as value, and are truly a step above the competition.

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Network Devices

As experts of network support, netlogicdc sells and configures a full line of network hardware, from consumer level wireless routers, to enterprise quality Cisco switches.

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netlogicdc is also a Microsoft partner, and thus we sell and support the full line of Microsoft product offerings such as the Windows Server line, the Office Suites, as well as enterprise products such as Microsoft Exchange 2007.

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VMWare Virtualization

VMware provides enterprize class virtualization and cloud technology to all busniess sizes. netlogicdc can help you leverage the hardware savings, stability and portability of virtual technology. Virtualization will help you become more green as well as helping you to save money.

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Authorized Google Apps Reseller

We have partnered with Google to provide you with the uptime, reliability and features of Google Apps for Business. Explore the multitude of apps available on the Google Marketplace. Bring collaboration to a new level with Google Docs. We provide full support and competitive pricing for our Google Apps for Business clients.

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APC Battery Backup

"Clean" versus "dirty" power can make the difference between trouble-free operation and a sudden equipment failure. netlogicdc is an APC partner and can evaluate, install, and manage the power supplying the vital IT equipment that runs your business.

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An antivirus solution needs to work efficiently and be near invisible to the user so not disrupt productivity. netlogicdc is constantly evaluating antivirus products and has partnered with the best of the best to deliver, implement, and manage complete antivirus solutions for your small to medium business.