Cloud Services

If a complete centralized IT infrastructure or simply certain parts of one are not viable for your organization, let us host it. netlogic offers hosted IT solutions ranging from offsite data backup, to email security solutions and website hosting services. These hosted solutions reside in our enterprise-grade datacenters, and our renowned support is included in the cost. This means you get a very reliable, fast, and efficient service that you can rest assured your business can rely on.

Offsite Data Backup Service

Tapes are a thing of the past with netlogicdc's Offsite Data Backup. With this offsite data backup service your critical data gets frequently and regularly backed up to our secure servers, and in the event of a data loss situation can be quickly restored in its entirety, or file-by-file.


Email Security Solution

Tired of either too-lazy, or too-aggressive anti-spam solutions? netlogicdc offers a comprehensive email security solution that has a exceptionally low false-positive rate, which is constantly learning and easily correctable by way of daily message reports.

Google Apps Reseller

Hosted Email with Google Apps

If your organization does not want to move email hosting in-house, netlogicdc's email hosting service offers easily accessible, secure, and reliable mail hosting. Netlogicdc is an authorized Google Apps Reseller.

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Website Hosting Service

Let your organization's web presence call netlogicdc's website hosting service its home. Our website hosting service can support all industry standard server-side languages, offering compatibility with most dynamically coded websites. Couple this with our reliable hosting infrastructure and you've got yourself a great combo.