Managed Services

Managed Services is the core of our offerings. Our support plans have been tailored for businesses ranging from the home office, to medium sized business of more than 40 employees. The facets of our IT support plans allow us to implement our service philosophy of proactive, managed support as a method of reducing show-stopping IT infrastructure problems. The key aspects of our IT support plans are: remote IT support, proactive maintenance, network monitoring, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Remote IT Support

Imagine receiving personalized and instant IT support regardless of where on the globe you or your employees are. With netlogicdc's remote IT support suite, we can provide support to key infrastructure and employees anywhere on the planet provided there is a live internet connection.


Proactive Network Maintenance

The key component of our IT support philosophy rests upon Proactive, rather than reactive support. Identifying potential problems before they occur reduces your IT expenses and downtime and allows for a more secure network. Thus, we do not profit from your IT downtime, and it is in our best interest to keep problems from occurring.


Network Monitoring

Complementing our proactive network maintenance methods is Network Monitoring, which notifies netlogicdc instantly when key components of your IT infrastructure fail. This often allows our technicians to begin addressing critical issues, and applying critical updates and patches before it is even known to you, the client.



We aim to offer our comprehensive, yet clear to read and understand reporting on all aspects of your IT infrastructure. With our reports visualize your expenditures and network health instantly with graphical and clear summaries of your IT investments.