IT Security Management & Data Protection

Small and medium businesses cannot afford to make IT security and data protection anything less than a primary concern. Viruses, spyware, and the risk of malicious code execution are aplenty on the internet, and for a business operating in the presence of the web, securing and backing up your data is tantamount to the future success of your business. netlogicdc offers a broad range of products to secure your infrastructure, to ensure safe operation of your employees and security of your business data.


Offsite Data Backup Service

There are two main disadvantages to tape backup, the need to physically move tapes offsite, and the slow speed at which they operate. Avoid all this hassle and let netlogicdc automate the backup and recovery process with Offsite Data Backup, which is secure, efficient, and ensures speedy recovery in the event of data loss.


Data Disaster Recovery Plan

What happens if your infrastructure catches fire? If there is a flood? netlogicdc can implement a comprehensive data disaster recovery plan for your business, with real solutions that are standing by in the event of a disaster.

Network Traffic Control

netlogicdc has partnered with Untangle to deliver an all-around network security device that addresses your local network's security, provides access control features, and much more. netlogicdc installs and configures the device to work in your existing network, and guarantees a reduction in viruses, and spyware.


Email Security Solution

Dramatically reduce spam and virus-laden emails with netlogicdc's Email Security Solution by Postini. No hardware or software is required, which makes for an effortless transition to an anti-spam/email security solution that actually works.