Per Incident IT Support

Not on a support plan yet? No problem. netlogicdc offers per incident IT consulting and support for clients not on a service plan. While per incident support does not include any of the advanced support features of our service plans, it does offer your organization competent onsite or remote IT support, with a fast response time, at your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What's Included

  • Used for project work, and consulting.
  • Remote and/or onsite IT support from our technicians
  • Fast incident resolution


Remote IT Support

Get IT support now without waiting to schedule an onsite visit. Follow the instructions below to get instant remote IT support.


Quality IT Service without a Plan

Get our renowned IT support whenever you experience a problem, without signing up for any contracts.

Get Instant IT Support


To get instant remote IT support:

  1. Call netlogicdc at 301-961-2020
  2. Once you're on the phone with a technician, click on Instant Remote Service and follow the technician's instructions
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